Mix of open sourced and commercial web application aimed at improving artistic workflows

Token Art Tools
Web application for generative artists who use hash strings to control specific feature or as the seed for random number generators. Originally developed for the tool aims to expand to other platforms.

Art preview with resolution picker and image saver
Hash randomization and hash-pair control sliders
NFT style features metadata capture and display
Automation that generates images and features data

None yet publicly available, coming soon...

Drawing inspiration from classics and modern titles alike, we make games for passionate niche audiences

Tactical RPG

Crystal Brigade
Tactical RPG featuring turn based combat on hexagonal tiles in a magical fantasy setting. Players command the Crystal Brigade on an adventure to stop evil incarnate from being unleashed!

Drawing inspiration from games including Shining Force 2, Faster Than Light and Overwatch, this tactical RPG aims to deliver classical turn-based combat with a unique overworld. An early prototype is in development with the goal of offering a playable map editor and single stage of the game.

Independent studio experimenting with building web applications, producing serialized multimedia content and developing video games

Founded by Owen Moore as a unifying brand under which various creative projects can be produced. Practicing a software startup approach to media production, each project will go through a vertical slice phase where it must be validated with a target audience prior to full production.

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Independent studio that tinkers with building web applications, serial content production, and developing niche video games.