Generative Art
Unique generative artworks in various styles & tech. NFT originals availabe, prints coming soon.

Representing the ebb and flow of energy in a universe heading towards inevitable entropy. Each mint is uniquely generated from the transaction hash with the script to produce it stored on the blockchain.

Creative content properties in development intended for public release or sale

Indie Game

Crystal Brigade
Tactical RPG featuring turn based combat on hexagonal tiles in a magical fantasy setting. Players command the Crystal Brigade on an adventure to stop evil incarnate from being unleashed!

Drawing inspiration from some of my favourites including Shining Force 2, Faster Than Light and Overwatch, this tactical RPG aims to deliver exciting turn-based combat and a unique overworld. Currently working towards a playable demo and launching a Kickstarter campaign.

Blending analogue synthesizers, samples, electric guitar and 8-bit chiptunes


Carbonara (Single)
Early release of my single Carbonara is now available on several music streaming sites.

Part of an exploration of electronic styles including synthwave, outrun, video game and glitch tunes in the upcoming album titled Noodles EP, which is being recorded and will release this summer.



Personal brand under which I create generative art, creative content, electronic music, and interactive multimedia.