Collections of unique digital artworks of various styles and mediums


Photosynthetic pieces combine colourful photography with a controlled chaos driven by code to build layers of dream-like geometry.

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Analogue synthesizers, samples, sequencers and electric guitar

Carbonara (Single)
Early release of my single Carbonara is now available on several music streaming sites.

Part of an exploration of electronic styles including synthwave, outrun, video game and glitch tunes in the upcoming album titled Noodles EP, which is being recorded and will release this summer.

Larger active initiatives in product development & creative builds

Indie Game

Crystal Brigade
Tactical RPG featuring turn based combat on hexagonal tiles in a magical fantasy setting. Players command the Crystal Brigade on an adventure to stop evil incarnate from being unleashed!

Drawing inspiration from some of my favourites including Shining Force 2, Faster Than Light and Overwatch, this tactical RPG aims to deliver exciting turn-based combat and a unique overworld. Currently working towards a fully playable demo, my goal is to prepare a Kickstarter campaign toward the end of the year in order to expedite the project's completion.

Maker Build

Matrix Tracker
I love playing video games but sometimes they get in the way of building good habits. Why not combine the pleasing aesthetics of arcade cabinets with the power of atomic habits?

The Matrix Tracker is an Arduino build that uses an addressable LED strip under transparent arcade buttons to both allow habit entires to be made and the month's status to be displayed. The idea was inspired by Simon Giert'z Every Day Tracker because of it's beautiful ability to dispaly progress.

This project aims to be able to track several habits at once and log the information on an SD card for future analysis. At present, it's in active development and semi-functional. Once done, I'll release wiring schematics, dimensions and the full software back to the maker community.



coming soon

Artist - Musician - Maker

Artistic persona under which artworks, music and projects are produced, including: generative artworks, synth music, indie games, maker builds, web applications and interactive media.

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